Trackhouse Racing - American MotoGP Team in the Starting Blocks

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Published:   1st December 2023

Following RNF Racing’s forced departure from MotoGP, a new, American bound team is in the starting blocks.

After RNF Racing’s departure from MotoGP, a prominent American investor has expressed interest in acquiring the team’s spot in the MotoGP, and the Dorna seems to welcome the prospect, especially considering the recent turbulence at RNF.

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Successful entrepreneur Justin Marks, celebrated for his victory with Ross Chastain and the Trackhouse NASCAR team at the Phoenix Raceway on November 5, 2023, has set his sights on the world of MotoGP.

Chastain, affectionately known as the “Watermelon Farmer” from Alva, Florida, narrowly missed the NASCAR championship in 2022, losing to Team Penske Ford’s Joey Logano by a mere six points.

Over in Europe, MotoGP’s new team prospect is most known for a strategic move orchestrated by  Team Principal PJ Rashidi. The team enlisted the talents of 2007 Formula 1 World Champion Kimi “Iceman” Raikkönen in a unique NASCAR Stock Car venture.

Raikkönen, having concluded his Formula 1 career in 2021, participated in the Trackhouse Project 91-Team at the former Formula 1 GP circuit in Watkins Glen.

Now, team owner and racer Justin Marks is venturing into the realm of two-wheeled motorsports, taking over the existing RNF-Aprilia customer team along with its drivers and technicians.

Trackhouse, represented by consultant Jeremy Appleton (formerly associated with Alpinestars and Triumph), made initial contacts during the Austrian Grand Prix in August 2023.

Growth On A Big Market

For Dorna, Trackhouse’s entry will mark a “win-win” situation, as ex-MotoGP team RNF Racing has faced sponsorship challenges in recent years, losing its primary sponsor three times over the last three years.

The MotoGP World Championship aims to expand on the vast American market, and a committed, long-term partner like Justin Marks, passionate about high-level motorsports, aligns perfectly with this vision.

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It remains unclear whether the Americans will provide financial assistance to the current RNF owners, such as taking over leasing contracts for trucks and hospitality.

This move could accelerate their readiness for the upcoming season while alleviating financial concerns for Toma and Razali.

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