MotoGP Manufacturers Rally Behind 850cc Engine Update

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Published:   2023-11-06

The 2027 MotoGP regulations are yet to be decided on. The manufacturers seem to have found common ground on a critical issue.

Since 2012 MotoGP teams are bound to race with 1000cc engines. For the new regulation period starting in 2027, a reduction of engine capacity is heavily discussed.

During the Austrian Grand Prix in August, Ducati Racing Director Gigi Dall’Igna, responding to inquiries from, offered a cryptic response, saying, “Three and a half manufacturers are in favor…”

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The intriguing part of this unfolding story revolves around Pierer Mobility AG, the parent company of KTM, Husqvarna, and GASGAS.

Initially resistant, they were holding out for additional MotoGP slots from Dorna in return for agreeing to the proposed reduction.

On the flip side, Aprilia Racing CEO Massimo Rivola stood firm, advocating for retaining the 1000 cc engine capacity, a move aimed at limiting the costs associated with developing new performance parts.

Pit Beirer, a central figure in these deliberations, sheds light on the consensus that had been reached.

“We agree to the reduction to 850cc,” he confirmed. “We consider it a relatively sensible reduction. If you take away 150cc, you remove torque and power from this class.”

“With 850cc, you can create a very cool MotoGP regulation. There is now a stable majority in favor of 850cc.”

Beirer also addressed the initial reservations shared by several manufacturers, underscoring the economic considerations at play.

“Of course, it was initially a cost factor for us too, not to touch the engine so radically, because it would have been cheaper to continue working on the basis of an existing engine.”

“And the cost aspect concerns not only Aprilia but all of us,” he explained, emphasizing the broader industry-wide perspective.

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