Dorna Sports Proposes Initial Framework For 2027 MotoGP Technical Regulations - Engine Capacity Reduction?

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Discussions about rule changes are on everyone’s lips in MotoGP. Dorna has already proposed a basic framework for 2027 to the MSMA. 

By the time the next round of contracts with the major factories comes around in 2027, the technical regulations in MotoGP will be virtually fixed.

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Dorna proposed a basic framework for the 2027 technical regulations in October of last year. Negotiations will be based on this in consultation with the manufacturers’ association MSMA.

With the increasing developments in recent years, especially in the aerodynamics segment, a lot of attention is being paid to Dorna’s proposals.

The 100% switch to synthetic fuel has already been set. However, more than that is still in vein.

The first proposals include a reduction in engine capacity, a strict rejection of hybrid drives, a ban on rear ride height devices, and the retention of winglets.

In the area of aerodynamics, further development is to be halted. Although winglets are now used in production motorbikes, the many wind tunnel tests are price-intensive and should be reduced.

In principle, it is Dorna who ultimately has the freedom to decide on the technical regulations. Only unanimity within the MSMA allows the rejection of a Dorna proposal. 


Carmelo Ezpeleta hopes for a relatively quick decision with regard to the technical regulations for 2027. 

“We hope to have solutions on the table for all technical regulations for the five years after 2026 by the end of 2023. If they are economically viable and sustainable, they will be approved by Dorna.”

Similarly to the 2022 to 2026 regulations, Dorna could then propose further adjustments, he added. Just recently, the Spanish owner of MotoGP banned the use of front ride height devices from 2022 onwards.

For the period after 2026, Dorna is focusing on “important” and “safety-related” restrictions. In an interview with, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta talks about possible restrictions.

“As the bikes are getting faster and faster, we have to look at restrictions for 2027,” the Spaniard explains. 

The introduction of synthetic fuel would reduce engine power by “about 10 %”, but whether the displacement of the MotoGP bikes would also be reduced is still open.

“I think we should not strive for even more power. We at Dorna have not made any concrete proposal regarding engine capacity. Whether a solution will be found in this regard is open.”

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