Here's What Dorna's New CCO Has In Mind For The Future Of MotoGP

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His arrival in MotoGP was described as “a new era in MotoGP”. Now, CCO Dan Rossomondo reveals what he has in mind for the future of the series. 

For several years, MotoGP has been on the decline in terms of fan engagement and popularity. Especially the comparison with Formula 1 shows that something has to change.

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The premier class of motorsport is gaining more and more popularity due to Netflix drama shows and changes in regulations.

Despite the regular dominance of the Red Bull Racing Team, Formula 1 is celebrating new attendance records year by year. In MotoGP, often times entire grandstands remain empty.

Spectator numbers, both on-track and in front of the television, have been declining for several years. A recovery from the Corona-Pendemie season is still not in sight.

As The Race writes, even in countries that were draught horses of MotoGP popularity in the past, the future currently looks anything but rosy. 

“With [TV viewing] figures plummeting in the UK from an average viewership of a million people every race to well under a fifth of that at some races so far this year, that’s something that has been reflected across the huge traditional markets in Spain and Italy, too.”

To counteract the decline in popularity, Dorna has appointed Dan Rossomondo as the new Chief Commercial Officer. Rossomondo comes from the NBA, where he served as vice president of global sponsorship and media.

What Dan Rossomondo Has In Mind For The Future Of MotoGP

In an interview with, he talks about his vision for the future of MotoGP and makes a small comparison with Formula 1.

“It means a lot that MotoGP has believed in me because that means that they believe I have the right skills to carry out this adventure,” says the newly appointed CCO.

The American thinks the series needs to think outside the box. “I want a competition that is relevant when there is no Grand Prix. I’m looking to keep people engaged all year round, not just at the races,” says Rossomondo, citing the NFL as an example.

“Like the NFL, which has 18 busy weekends in the regular season, but they get to be relevant throughout the year.”

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Looking at Formula 1’s recent success and spillover to the American market, the new CCO says: “I think we can be as good as they [Formula1] are, if not better. And I think we can also be different.”

Rossomondo is “not afraid to steal some good ideas” from F1 colleagues, but wants to make MotoGP a product that stands out from other racing series.

“I think we can be uniquely MotoGP. I think it’s an unbelievable property [and] product.”

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