QUIZ: Can you name all MotoGP champions from 1949 to 2022?

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In 2022, Pecco Bagnaia became just the second Italian to win the MotoGP Riders’ Championship on an Italian bike. Do you know who was the first to achieve an All-Italian triumph? Do you have the knowledge of naming all MotoGP champions?

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HINTS (Nicknames that could be useful)


“El Diablo”

“El Nino”, “Smiling Assassin”

“Por Fuera”, “X Fuera”

“King of the Island”

“The Doctor”

“Kentucky Kid”

“Dead by June”, “Mad Mick”

“King Kenny”

 “Steady Eddie”

“Fast Freddie”

“The Wollongong Whiz”

“Crazy Horse”


“Mike the Bike”

“Figlio del Vento” (“Son of the Wind”)

“The Iron Duke”


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