Indian GP About To Be Canceled - Will Kazakhstan Be Swapped In?

Following missed payments by the Indian GP organizers, the event at the Buddh Circuit is at risk of being canceled. Kazakhstan could jump in.

The MotoGP field at the 2023 Indian Grand Prix // Photo: Lukasz Swiderek

The MotoGP calendar for the 2024 season is facing continued challenges. In January, the Argentine Grand Prix had to be called off due to political turmoil.

The weekend in Kazhakstan has been postponed until later in the season because of a local flood disaster. However, the organizers have expressed intentions to reschedule it later in the season. This decision raised eyebrows within the MotoGP community.

The latter half of the season, starting from early August, was already densely packed with races across various countries, including back-to-back weekends and triple-headers. Now, reports indicate that another event, the Indian Grand Prix, scheduled for lat September, might also be at risk of cancellation.

The event faced financial issues last year, with the local organizer reportedly failing to meet payment obligations. Dorna, the series promoter, has set a deadline until May 20 for payments to be settled, threatening cancellation if not met.

In a contingency plan, should the race at the Buddh International Circuit be canceled, there’s talk of the postponed Kazhakstan Grand Prix stepping in for September 20th to 22nd. However, logistical challenges loom large.

While the Sokol International Racetrack where the Kazakhstan event is planned may be nearing completion, there’s a shortage of trained personnel to manage a full MotoGP weekend. Discussions are underway to potentially fly in up to 400 personnel from Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit to help.

The situation regarding the Indian Grand Prix’s potential cancellation is expected to be clarified soon. However, there’s speculation within the paddock that Dorna may apply additional pressure on the Indian organizers by strategically sharing information about the financial issues.

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