Why KTM Is Going Against Dorna's Concession System Revision

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Dorna proposes concessions for Honda and Yamaha, but KTM refuses the Spaniards’ concession system revision – for a simple reason.

After another disaster season for Honda and Yamaha, Dorna has been working flat out since the Dutch Grand Prix to allow concessions for the Japanese factories.

The problem is that neither Honda nor Yamaha are entitled to the concessions intended for newcomers and losing teams because of their victories in 2022 and 2023.

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During the summer break, Dorna presented the Manufacturers’ Association MSMA with an initial proposal for a new concession system.

The aim: to simplify access to concessions for the Japanese factories. KTM Motorsport Director Pit Beirer explains how the new system should work:

“In principle, there is now to be a percentage points system. And those who fall below the cut of the better plants will enjoy ‘concessions’, i.e. receive concessions.”

“It is a relatively complicated system. You have to reach a certain percentage of points. If you don’t reach that percentage, the concessions will take effect, and they will take effect more quickly than they do today.”

“But there will be no regulation benefits in the form of more fuel as there used to be in the Open Class era. The benefits are modeled on the privileges that have already existed for newcomers in recent years.”

“Dorna has proposed to give these ‘concessions’ back to Yamaha and Honda virtually overnight.” While the other European manufacturers wait and remain ready to talk, KTM rejects a revision.

"They don't need concessions"

Pit Beirer thinks immediately allowing the Japanese factories with their MotoGP stars Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo concessions by changing the rules is unfair.

KTM benefited from concessions after entering MotoGP until 2019.

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“What are other manufacturers to say who have fought their way to the top,” the Austrian says. “How long did Ducati struggle to get back to the top after 2007.”

“We and Aprilia are also struggling. We have developed diligently under the prevailing regulations and done our work. We are now relatively far ahead.”

“Just because Yamaha [and the Honda factory team] haven’t won a race yet this year, they don’t need concessions.”

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