Where Honda Lost Its Train In Development According To Alex Marquez

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For Honda the 2022 season is an absolute mess. Since Pol Espargaro’s podium finish in the season opener in Qatar, there were hardly any good races for the Japanese manufacturer. Alex Marquez thinks he knows where Honda lost its train in development. 

With a new concept for the 2022 season, Honda wanted to find its way back to the top of the field. However, even though the new RC213V had many new specifications introduced, riders are still struggling massively with the Japanese bike. 

In fact, Honda riders are struggling so much that one has decided to leave the sinking ship at the end of the season – LCR Honda rider Alex Marquez will make the switch to Gresini Ducati for the 2023 season. 

He describes the current Honda situation as unexpected: “When I renewed the contract and moved to LCR, I didn’t expect the situation to be like it is now.”

He continues: “Everyone can draw their own conclusions, but I think people are smart and see what happens.”

Since his departure from Honda is official, the Spaniard does not mince his words anymore. He talks openly about what he thinks of Honda’s development plan. 

“When in winter of 2020 Marc was not there, the direction was lost. HRC was used to a rider giving direction during development. Honda listened, but the feedback from the remaining riders was different from Marc’s. That’s when they lost their train”, states Marquez. 
At the beginning of the season, riders like Pol Espargaro were full of praise. Finally, there was enough grip on the rear to suit his riding style. The Spaniard manifested his feeling for the bike with his podium finish in Qatar.
But, Marc Marquez always rode the bike mainly over the front. Being able to ride the front aggressively at corner entry was Honda’s biggest strength over other manufactureres.
This big advantage, however, was lost with the new concept of the RC213V. HRC tried to find a way to make the bike as strong on the front as it was. But since then, they go around in circles. 
Now the bike is fully out of balance and the, so highly praised, grip on the rear from the beginning of the season is gone. Honda is now stuck in a quagmire of their own making and there is probably only one way out – Marc Marquez. 

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