What Gigi Dall'Igna Thinks Of The New Tyre Pressure Regulations

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For the new season, the tiresome tyre pressure debate will finally be put to an end. Gigi Dall’Igna is looking forward to clarity on the contentious issue.

After it emerged in the middle of last season that various MotoGP manufacturers were regularly undercutting the prescribed minimum tyre pressures, a long-running discussion ensued.

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The dispute over the monitoring of the tyre presssures ended in the introduction of a new uniform sensor and a new guideline value for the minimum tyre pressure.

Since then, drivers and teams have complained about the danger posed by the newly set guideline values.

If you ride behind another rider for a long time, the tyre pressure increases immeasurably. So far, this has been circumvented by simply not adhering to the minimum values.

However, this will no longer be possible from the third Grand Prix in 2023 onwards. MotoGP had given itself and the teams two races to adapt to the new guideline values.

After that, qualifying laps that have been run with underinflated tyres will be cancelled. In the race, a shortfall in the prescribed minimum value can even lead to the disqualification of a rider.

Gigi Dall'Igna Supports New Regulation

For Ducati General Manager Gigi Dall’Igna, the new regulation comes at exactly the right time. However, even he is not certain about possible modifications of the set values in the future.

“I agree with the new regulations. It is not easy to find a perfect solution to this problem. The pressure in the rear tyre is not a problem.”

“All teams can stay above the permitted limit. But with the front tyre there are many uncertainties.”

“Because when you’re riding in the slipstream, the temperature and the pressure on the front tyre changes a lot.”

 “If you are chasing someone, there are really huge differences. When you’re going around the track on your own, the temperature and the pressure in the front is very different.”

For 2023, the minimum pressures have been set at 1.88 bar in the front tyre and 1.7 bar in the rear tyre.

Whether the values will be further adjusted will be determined during the first two “trial” Grand Prix weekends.

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