"We Need 15 Winters" - Fabio Quartararo Wants A Winning Bike

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Published:   24th October 2023

Highlights like Fabio Quartararo’s third-place finishes in India and Indonesia remain exceptions for Yamaha. The reality was once again highlighted at the Australian Grand Prix. 

After the disappointment that was the Australian Grand Prix for Fabio Quartararo, the Frenchman spoke candidly: “We need 15 winters to be like Ducati. But, as I said, that is not the goal [for next year]. The goal is to get closer.”

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“Now the bike is slow, but the turning behavior is also bad. The engine is faster, but others have improved their engines too.”

“So, the difference remains the same. However, they have also improved their chassis and aerodynamics.”

“For me, the goal is to reduce the gap because it gets bigger and bigger every year. We have to reduce the gap. That’s the main goal.”

“Of course, I always want to fight for the championship, but if you’re realistic, we won’t achieve that next year.”

“But my personal goal is to have more opportunities to fight for the podium and sometimes for the win.”

“I hope Yamaha is also pursuing this goal.” In the background, Yamaha is said to be working hard, but are they taking the right steps?

“We obviously have a lot of work to do,” Team Director Massimo Meregalli is quoted by GPOne.com.

“The engine is not the only problem with our bike. It also concerns other aspects like aerodynamics.”

“In this regard, we will see something new in Valencia. We have to work a lot because other brands use aerodynamics not only for downforce but also for cornering behavior and cornering speed.”

“Unfortunately, we have lost these strengths because other teams use aerodynamics for what was not possible for them with the chassis.” Additionally, Meregalli emphasizes that Yamaha will stick with the inline-four cylinder configuration.

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