Wayne Gardner's Odd Recommendation For Marc Marquez - "Vicious Circle"

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Marc Marquez is “at the lowest point of his MotoGP career”. Wayne Gardner suggests he should retire in order to protect himself.

In 2023, nothing seems to be going right for Honda and MotoGP superstar Marc Marquez. With 50% of the races missed and a total of only 15 points, Marquez sits 19th in the overall standings.

But what’s even worse is the appalling crash rate the Spaniard is facing in 2023. 14 crashes in 5 race weekends is a new personal best, even for Marquez who has always ridden at the limit.

After Marquez had to skip the main race at the German and Dutch Grand Prix due to health reasons, MotoGP veteran Wayne Gardner gives him some well-intentioned advice.

“From my point of view, Márquez should retire while he can. I’m a big fan of his, but I’m very afraid he’s going to get seriously injured at some point.”

“I was in the same situation as Marc – when you have suffered many injuries and then it is difficult to win again. The mentality changes, the body gets weaker and it all becomes a vicious circle of frustration,” Wayne Gardner knows.

Is Marquez Risking Too Much?

The main problem, Gardner says, is that while Marquez has an incredible fighting spirit, he often pushes beyond the bike’s limit.

“We all know this situation and one day you wake up and say to yourself, ‘Maybe you shouldn’t take this risk anymore and enjoy the rest of your life’.”

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“The bikes have changed, the riders are much younger. He’s already 30 years old and the mentality is different.”

“I’m not saying that as a criticism, I’m worried about his future life. He has to understand that he has another 50 years ahead of him to live.”

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