Three Months And A Lot Of Work Left - Can The Indian GP Take Place?

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In order to host the Indian Grand Prix in September, the Buddh International Circuit needs various changes. There are less than three months left for a lot of work.

There was a lot of excitement in India when Dorna announced the hosting of a Grand Prix weekend at the Buddh International Circuit.

But despite 30,000 tickets already sold for the September event, it is still not clear whether MotoGP will even race in India in 2023.

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After a re-inspection of the Greater Noida track last Monday (26th of June), the operators are under further pressure – several changes, some of them labor-intensive, are imminent.

The work has already been commissioned, says Manoj Kumar Singh, Commissioner of Infrastructure and Development of Uttar Pradesh.

Singh explained that Monday’s inspection had prompted calls to speed up the work to be ready in time for the Grand Prix at the end of September.

Since the Indian circuit is meant to be ready for MotoGP and Formula 1 at the same time, and the two racing series have different safety regulations, the work is complicated, Singh said.

What is likely to worry the track operators is that run-off zones have to be extended in two places on the almost five-kilometer-long racetrack – not exactly small tasks.

After MotoGP canceled the Kazhakstan Grand Prix 2023 because the track wasn’t ready to be homologated in time, the Indian Grand Prix is under threat now too.

With several curbs waiting to be added, and two run-off zones to be extended, the operators at the Buddh International Circuit still have a big task ahead of them before the Indian Grand Prix can take place in September. Only time will tell whether all the issues can be solved in time.

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