Ex Team Manager Sure Honda And Yamaha Could Leave MotoGP Too

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Livio Suppo fears that should MotoGP not change fundamentally, Honda and Yamaha could also leave the series.

Since Suzuki left MotoGP at the end of 2022, Honda and Yamaha have been the only Japanese factories in MotoGP. Ex-Suzuki team manager Livio Suppo sees the manufacturers’ continued participation in MotoGP in jeopardy.

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The main reason for this is the lack of interest in the premier class and the extreme aerodynamic developments. 

“If there is no turnaround in interest for the championship, then some manufacturers – especially the Japanese ones – might decide to leave. These aerodynamic developments are useless for series production.”

“So why would they spend money and look like idiots? Suzuki has already drawn the line. Why are there manufacturers who want to enter Formula 1? Because the marketing departments are convinced it’s a great added value.”

Honda And Yamaha Are Behind

For Suppo, it’s clear that something has to change. He cites the example of Formula 1, which changed the technical regulations for 2022 in favor of more overtaking.

“In Formula 1, they made changes to the aerodynamic regulations to improve the show. In MotoGP, there are technical reasons why overtaking maneuvers are becoming more difficult – and no one is talking about it.”

The Italian fears an ever-increasing focus on the bikes’ aerodynamics over the next three years.

“Unfortunately, aerodynamics has been making the difference in recent years. Ducati and Aprilia, who used to believe in it, have an advantage. KTM wanted to fight it, but now they are adjusting to it as well.”

The Austrians have ramped up aerodynamic-wise for the new season. Honda and Yamaha are hanging back.

“Honda and Yamaha are behind – at least three years. Some Suzuki technicians have said to me that if we had the Aprilia aerodynamics, we would have won all the races. Suzuki did not want to invest the financial effort for the aerodynamics arms race anymore.”

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