‘Readings Beyond the Scope’ – Honda Riders Weigh In On Problems

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Honda experienced a disaster weekend in Barcelona as Marc Marquez is nowhere near the top – Nakagami experiences something he’s never seen before.

After a disastrous weekend in Barcelona, Honda is facing a shambles. Despite a Q2 participation of Marc Marquez, the Japanese can not be satisfied at all. 

“In Q1 I managed a perfect lap behind a bike that was a little slower than the Ducati.”
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But the Spaniard already suspected what was to come after that: “When I was back in the pits, I said I didn’t want to go out at all. I knew it would be 12th place.”

Despite a less risky approach, Marquez hopelessly overrides his Honda. His performance in no way reflects Honda’s performance level.

The MotoGP bike of the Japanese has numerous weaknesses, but the most serious is the lack of grip on the rear wheel. On the slippery track in Barcelona, the Honda riders suffered extremely.

"Never seen anything like that"

Takaaki Nakagami makes the extent of the lack of grip impressively clear: “On the data display, you can’t even see when the wheelspin settles a bit.”

“The readings are above what our display board can show. In six years of MotoGP, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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According to the Japanese, even the tire choice no longer makes a difference either. While last year the Honda was still reasonably tolerable for the rider on the soft slick, this year it brings “no change whatsoever compared to the medium.”

“It’s unbelievable. I can’t feel any difference between the two tires. I thought that was impossible, but it’s our reality at the moment,” states the perplexed LCR rider.

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