Razlan Razali Reveals Raul Fernandez's Aprilia Contract Option

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At Silverstone, Raul Fernandez finished inside the top 10 for the first time. Razlan Razali reveals that the Spaniard does not need to worry about his future with Aprilia for the time being.

After a chaotic year with the Tech3 KTM team and a successful arm pump surgery earlier this year, things finally seem to be looking up for Rauk Fernandez in MotoGP.


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If the Spaniard continued to struggle with the MotoGP rocket until the summer break, he showed signs of his potential at the Britsh Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The 2021 Moto2 runner-up has been the subject of transfer rumors despite a two-year contract with Aprilia.

As such, some paddock chatters had raised the notion that his seat could be under threat with the likes of Tony Arbolino, Aron Canet and Jake Dixon being tacitly linked to replacing him.

RNF team owner Razlan Razali refutes the latest rumors. In the RNF Unlocked podcast he explains why Raul Fernandez is in no danger and even reveals a contract option of the Spaniard for two more years with Aprilia.

“Raul had a terrible first year with KTM. In theory with a young rider you need a minimum of two years [in the same team] to give them a chance. To just get rid of them after one year is not correct.”

“He’s now in his second year in MotoGP and we confirmed at a meeting with Aprilia that [Raul] needs more time. So he really shouldn’t worry.”

For Razali, it is certain that both Fernandez and Aprilia will at least fulfill the contract, which is fixed until 2024. In addition, the Spaniard has an option for two more years with the Noale manufacturer in his contract, he said.

“That is something that we have communicated to Raul as well: ‘Don’t worry, because you have a contract with Aprilia for at least two years, with an option for another two years’.”

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