Quartararo Voices Frustration amidst clashing opinions on Yamaha state

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During the opening day of the Indian GP, Fabio Quartararo’s frustrations only deepened as he encountered tech issues twice.

This compounded his earlier surprise at the contrasting views between himself and Yamaha’s team manager regarding the 2024 prototype tested in Misano.

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Quartararo expressed his disappointment, stating, “At the end of the Misano test, we saw the comments from the team manager and mine that were black and white, they were totally different.”

“I can clearly say that it was a disappointment, that it was not up to the level I expected, we have not made a step forward, at all.”

In a somewhat sarcastic tone, he added, “If the team manager says it is better, maybe we should listen to him.”

When asked if he felt hopeless, Quartararo responded, “No, in the end, there is nothing on the line. Someone says white, the other says black.”

“In the end, the comments that the rider says, I think are a bit more important. It is the rider who tests the motorcycles, who has the feeling if it is easier to ride or not. Of course, if we start and we are not on the line, 2024 will be the same as this year or worse.”

Even before encountering two mechanical problems during Friday practice, Quartararo had reservations about the suitability of the new Buddh Circuit for Yamaha.

He explained, “I think not because of the factors of the straights. Indonesia did not have many straights, so we went there at the beginning.”

“With so many straights and so much acceleration, we will suffer a lot. When you expect to reach almost 370 (km/h) for others, from a very small curve, you know that three tenths are on this straight.”

“So I don’t think we will be fighting at the top, but at least we will give our best to get the best possible position.”

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