Fabio Quartararo Reveals "Frustrating" Yamaha Development flaws

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For Yamaha, the 2023 MotoGP season is far from smooth. Despite big development efforts, not much has come of it so far leaving Fabio Quartararo frustrated.

After a less successful 2022 season, Yamaha spent the winter break 22/23 on the further development of all areas of their MotoGP bike.

With the work focused on the engine package, however, a lot of work ends up in the bin at the beginning of the season.

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Despite lengthy and cost-intensive work on the M1, few developments have had an effect so far. For the triple header in Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, the Japanese and Fabio Quartararo decided to use a 2021 setup as a starting point – the work of the last few years seems to have been largely obsolete.

Superstar Quartararo is increasingly frustrated with his team’s lack of results. On Thursday before the Italian Grand Prix, the 2021 World Champion explained:

“During the pre-season, we tried a number of things that I never tried before – chassis, engine, and aerodynamics.”

“But the fact that we use zero of those things since then is frustrating. On top of that, there was the Jerez test, where we had a few new things and we used nothing [of it since then],” he complains. “It’s frustrating but now we have to focus on what we have and give our best.”

"Confidence [...] this is what I need"

Quartararo doesn’t see the fact that a triple header is coming up at a time when Yamaha are rather perplexed about the current situation as a problem.

On the contrary, the Frenchman hopes to finally build up some much-needed confidence on his Yamaha M1. 

“I think having these three races in a row will be good also for my confidence to have the same bike. This is what I need, and maybe it’s not the best but at least I know the bike and I will have to adapt to what I have.”

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