"Power, Please!" - Lin Jarvis Sees more potential in yamaha's Engine Unit

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With runners-up in both the Constructors’ and Riders’ Championships, Yamaha’s 2022 season did not end according to plan. It is clear what is missing – engine power. 

It’s been many months since Yamaha has been aware of the departments in which its own bike needs to be improved. For almost two years now, 2021 World Champion Fabio Quartararo has been begging for a more powerful engine.

A rather disappointed Fabio Quartararo at the Valencia test – Image provided by Motorsport Images

According to unanimous reports, further development of the motor concept, as well as the engagement of various engineers, played a decisive role in the extension of the Frenchman’s contract.

Due to the development blockade, nothing could be changed on the engine over the course of the season.

For 2023, however, Yamaha wants to bring an overhauled, more powerful power unit to the start. For the Japanese, however, some structural changes had to be made. 

“We changed our organization in Japan by joining forces with this Italian engineering group,” Yamaha’s racing boss told Crash.net. “We want to make a big step next year.”

Yamaha had enlisted ex-Ferrari and Toyota F1 engine designer Luca Marmorini to push the project forward. Judging by Jarvis’ statements, the order to the Italian and his team is: “Power, please!”

Luca Marmorini in 2006 – Image provided by Motorsport Images

Yamaha will be the only manufacturer with an inline-4 engine after Suzuki’s withdrawal after the season finale in Valencia.

The Japanese have been giving up a bit of power compared to the V4 concept of other manufacturers for years.

The inline-4 offers Yamaha better handling and more cornering speed due to its smoother running nature. 

“We have a lot of knowledge and experience with the inline 4 and in our opinion it’s not the format of the engine that is the limitation.”

Lin Jarvis is confident in his own concept. The Englishman sees further potential in the Japanese unit. 

“But the four-cylinder in-line engine itself still has some development potential. We are busy with that at the moment.”

For Yamaha, engine development is a tightrope walk. They are reluctant to give up their own advantages, built up over many years, and trade them for more power. For Lin Jarvis, however, development has been going in the right direction for some time. 

“We never know what our competitors are going to do, but I think our development is definitely going in the right direction.” 

At the mid-season test in Misano, both factory riders had ridden a first 2023 engine prototype and were thrilled. More power ensured higher top speeds close to the competitors.

However, disappointment followed at the season-ending test in Valencia. “Something went wrong since Misano,” expressed a disappointed Fabio Quartararo after the test. 


Lin Jarvis summarises: “We need this engine power and Fabio needs it. So we need to create a better package to give more scope and allow us to fight during a race.”


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