Next Attempt in Hungary: First MotoGP Race In 34 Years in 2025?

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The MotoGP World Championship is scheduled to return to Hungary in 2025 on the Hungaroring.

The motorcycle world championship has visited Hungary twice so far. In 1990 and 1992, races were held on the Hungaroring near Budapest.

In the past 15 years, there have been various projects to bring MotoGP back to Hungary. All plans failed. In 2008, the Balatonring was announced.

Construction of the track began, but the financial crisis put an end to the ambitious project. The facility was never completed.

More recently, a new project was presented in eastern Hungary. A new racetrack was to be built near Debrecen. Contracts with MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports were signed. The first race was scheduled for 2023.

But this project was never realized either. Construction of the “Magyar Nemzetközi Motodrome” never started. This project also ultimately failed due to financing.

However, a new racetrack has been built in Hungary, which opened in May 2023. The “Balaton-Park-Circuit” is located at the eastern end of Lake Balaton. The course is 4.115 kilometers long and consists of ten left and six right turns.

Now plans are being worked on to bring MotoGP and the Superbike World Championship to Hungary in the near future.

2024 super-sub and a race in 2025

Dorna Sports is cooperating with the Hungarian Mobility Development Agency (HUMDA). Two projects are being pursued in parallel.

The Balaton-Park-Circuit is expected to be on the Superbike World Championship calendar in 2024. At the same time, the track should appear as a reserve track on the MotoGP calendar. This requires the appropriate FIM homologation.

The runoff areas of the Hungaroring are also to be adapted for MotoGP. Corresponding plans are said to have been in the drawer for a long time. The plan is currently for the premier class to race on the Hungaroring from the 2025 season onwards.

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