News on A Kawasaki Return In MotoGP - 'We Would Take A Look At It'

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Because Suzuki is pulling out of the MotoGP World Championship at the end of the 2022 season, promoter Dorna is looking for a successor. Now, Provec Racing spreads a little  hope for a Kawasaki comeback. 

When Suzuki officially announced its withdrawal from the premier class on May 12, 2022, the marketing agency Dorna, which also holds the commercial rights to the World Superbike Championship, has been looking for a successor ever since, the name Kawasaki naturally came up.

Now the Provec owners are speaking out and spreading hope for a possible Kawasaki return to MotoGP. 

Branded as Provec Racing, Kawasaki has enjoyed an unprecedented run of success in World Superbike, with Jonathan Rea becoming world champion six times in a row since 2015.

Jonathan Rea – Image provided by Motorsport Images

Speaking on behalf of Kawasaki, Guim Roda, co-owner of Provec, said: “MotoGP is an expensive championship with prototype bikes, a big challenge, we respect Suzuki’s decision.”

“Kawasaki is quite comfortable in Superbike World Championship with production bikes, there is no reason to move to MotoGP. Kawasaki will stay in the World Superbike Championship.”

Kawasaki and Provec Racing are contracted on an open contract which as long it is not terminated extends year-by-year. 

Regarding a possible Kawasaki MotoGP project, the Biel Roda, brother of Guim and co-owner of Provec states: 

“I, too, have a private life with a family and children. That‘s my priority. Also, from our company’s point of view, we never thought about MotoGP.”

And with Kawasaki categorically excluding a MotoGP return in the near future, it does not seem likely Provec Racing is interested either. 

However, regarding a possible return in the far future, Biel Roda spreads at least some hope: 

“You can’t just snap your fingers and say ‘next year we’ll be racing MotoGP’. For that, you need the appropriate structure. [But], if Kawasaki decided to do that, we would look at it.”

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