New Twist In Finland: Owners of KymiRing Bankrupt - What This Means For The Finnish GP

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It has been three years since the first Finnish Grand Prix in 40 years should have taken place. After several cancellations, the operators of the race track are now bankrupt.

When Dorna and IRTA cancelled the 2022 Finnish Grand Prix, they gave the owners of KymiRing another six months for them to homologate their track. 

Even until two months prior to the 2022 Grand Prix, the paddock, access roads and all ambulance lanes were neither finished nor asphalted. 

All required construction work has to be completed by September 20th, 2022 for the KymiRing to be included into the 2023 calendar. However, the likelyhood of a finished track in the woods is shrinking by the minute. 

As finnish newspaper “Iltalehti” reports, two contractors involved in the building of the track have filed for bankruptcy against the KymiRing on Tuesday. In total, the two contractors file for round about 630.000 Euros. 

This adds further fuel to the fire. The KymiRing project in the finnish woods has now cost a total of 30 million Euros. Furthermore, 6.5 million of the total 30 million are coming from government funding.

Since the owners seemingly can’t settle their debts, this has a horrific impact on the Finnish Grand Prix in 2023. 

With the deadline creeping closer and closer, it’s more or less certain (yet, not confirmed), there simply won’t be a Finnish Grand Prix in 2023, possibly never. 

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