New Regulations And Concessions Points For Moto2 And Moto3 - Age Limit Modification For All Classes

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The Grand Prix Comission (GPC) has recently announced new restrictions for Moto2 and Moto3. New test restrictions, age limits and ride height devices. Here is a run down of all regulation changes.

MotoGP has always been a moving sport. The development work never stops. But sometimes, the work goes to o far so the officials have to intervene. 

Back at the Dutch Grand Prix in Assen, a new meeting was held to talk and decide on new regulations for the smaller classes. 

There the Comittee decided to extend the ban on ride height devices for the smaller classes and restrict the use of hole-shot devices and other devices to change the ride height once at race start.

One of the biggest talking points was testing in the smaller classes. Teams had demanded lesser private testing. From 2023 onwards, testing will be restricted to the official 3-day pre-season test and four additional days of private testing. 

In the same move, the GPC introduces a concession point system for both smaller classes. Teams that haven’t achieved six concession points in the previous years will receive 3 extra days of private testing. 

Just like in MotoGP, concession points will be collected by scoring podium finishes (1 for 3rd, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 1st). Rookie riders will get  extra, unrestricted testing time between the last race and November 30th.

On top of that, the long awaited extension of age limits has been put in place. From 2023 onwards the minimum age limit will be 18 years old across all classes. 

Only exceptions are winners of the Rookies, Junior GP and the European Moto2 Championship. They will be allowed in at 16 and 17 years of age.

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