"My Body Collapsed" - Alex Marquez On Throwing Up During Sprint

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Fighting for the podium in the Americas Grand Prix Sprint, Alex Marquez crashes on lap 7. The Spaniard clarifies what was wrong with him.

With a fourth place in qualifying, Alex Marquez laid the foundation for a good result in Austin. In the sprint, however, the Spaniard crashed after a sudden illness.

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In an interview with DAZN, Marquez revealed that he even had to overcome himself during the race.

“I tried not to get nervous, but halfway through the race I started to feel bad and threw up while braking.”

He suspects that eating was the cause of his sudden nausea. Despite his pain, Marquez continued the race, but then crashed on Lap 7.

“It’s like the body collapsed. I don’t know. Something made me sick, even though I ate the same thing I always eat.”

“For whatever reason, it made me throw up. Then when I got to the garage, I threw up again, but everything is clean now.”

All Good Now

For the race on Sunday, the Spaniard does not see his start in danger. The weekend in Austin went well for the Gresini rider so far. 

“I ran out of steam, but we could keep up, which makes me happy. To improve the starts, which is the key point.”

“Something has felt wrong. Now I need to rest for [the feature race]. It will be a long and hard race. We have rhythm.”

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