Andrea Dovizioso Reveals His Toughest MotoGP Opponent

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In his 15-year MotoGP career, Andrea Dovizioso fought many highly reputed riders. The MotoGP legend reveals his toughest opponent.

Although Andrea Dovizioso never managed the big coup to win the world championship, the Italian came very close several times. 

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During his career, he fought against MotoGP greats such as Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, and Jorge Lorenzo, but one rider in particular burned for Dovizioso.

In an interview with Motosan, the Italian reveals who made his life most difficult on the track.

“Actually, it is difficult to say who was the most difficult opponent to face. Fortunately or unfortunately, I found myself in a time of MotoGP in which the riders I shared the track with were extremely talented riders.”

‘Dovi’ thinks about a time even before his MotoGP career. He shared the road all the way to the premier class with one rider especially.

“Starting with Marco Simoncelli, with whom I already competed on the mini-bikes and with whom I shared the same path, in the different categories.”

Accompanied by Jorge Lorenzo, Dovizioso made the jump to MotoGP. The Spaniard was much more successful, especially in the early days in the premier class.

“We always made the big jumps, from one category to another, in the same year. So he was always there and he really won a lot.”

Dovizioso never really got past one rider, however – Marc Marquez. The two shared their prime on the track in MotoGP, but Marquez usually came out on top.

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“It’s really hard to say who was my toughest opponent. Let’s say I fought Marc for the MotoGP championship, then I would say it was him, because he was a strong opponent in every way: mentally, physically, in terms of his talent, his attitude and in all the other aspects that complete a profile like his.

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