More Yamaha Top Speed But New Problems - Crutchlow: 'Incredible Difference'

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In Yamaha’s predicament, test rider Cal Crutchlow suddenly becomes a key figure in winter 22/23. The Briton talks about the new Yamaha engine and what risks it poses.

Yamaha’s engine deficits were obvious last season. With the massive horsepower deficit, all riders and especially Fabio Quartararo had no chance against the competition.

However, the Japanese have recognized the problem and are investing heavily in engine development.

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In order to combat the long-lasting problems and eliminate them as soon as possible for the coming season, a completely overhauled power unit will be used for their MotoGP project.

Test rider Cal Crutchlow tests tirelessly for the Japanese and is very happy about the massive support from the factory. 

Speaking to, the Briton states: “They give me loads of stuff to test. The difference between when I first started testing [at the start of 2021] and now is incredible.”


Due to its massive lack of development work in previous years, Yamaha now is forced to up the ante. 

“They move 27 staff to each test! It’s a full effort. Which is great. I enjoy it, and the test team works better every time.”

The three-time Grand Prix winner is pleased with the performance gains, but also sees some new problems that the increase in power brings with it.


“We have got a lot more top speed [with the 2023 engine], but that comes with new problems.”

Already last year the Yamaha lost its round, smooth riding style, a reason why only Quartararo could halfway cope with the bike. 

One thing is that the engine we’ve got […] is very aggressive. And that’s why we struggle. We create a lot of tire spin and we don’t accelerate from the corner. So we have to improve that as well.”

Despite the recent problems, Crutchlow is hopeful. The Briton sees a significant improvement in overall performance and believes the 2023 bike could be just what Fabio Quartararo needed to win back the title. 

“He [Fabio Quartararo] needs something to be able to fight and I believe what we have done for next year will do that.”


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