More Safety For MotoGP - Massive Expansions at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

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In MotoGP, top speeds continue to rise thanks to new developments. In order to be able to ensure the safety of the riders, heavy equipment is being used at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

In the context of ever-higher top speeds, especially in MotoGP, crash zones of sufficient size are indispensable. At speeds of up to 360 kph, an impact of bike or rider would be life-threatening.

In order to avoid possible complications, the crash zones at the end of the 1047 m long start-finish straight at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona will now be extended. 


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“New extensions” was the message on the social media channels of the race track operators. The work was already started in November last year, and the target is an expansion of almost 40 percent. 

Last year, the MotoGP reached a top speed of 352.9 kph in Barcelona, deeming an extension more than necessary. 

There are no plans to change the layout at the moment. It was only in preparation for last season that the former turns 10 and 11 were merged for reasons of attractiveness and safety. 

Especially in MotoGP, the modification away from a choppy layout to a long, smooth curve was well received by the riders.

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