Michelin Hit By Harsh Criticism - "Great" MotoGP Tyres "Have a Weak Spot"

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After a rather unsuccessful Spanish GP weekend, Yamaha rider Franco Morbidelli talks about the imbalance between the technical level of the bikes and the tyres.

At the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez, both the start of the sprint and the first lap of the feature race cause excitement.

On Sunday, the red flag came out after just two corners when Fabio Quartararo, Marco Bezzecchi and Miguel Oliveira collided.

The restart was missed by Oliveira, who only returned from injury at the Americas Grand Prix two weeks ago.

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In the sprint, Franco Morbidelli and Marco Bezzechi were responsible for bringing out the red flag.

Morbidelli, who was by all means the main cause of the crash, sees some potential for revision of MotoGP’s frequent and rather dangerous starts. The Italian thinks the tyre manufacturer Michelin has some responsibility.

“It’s Michelin, they have to work on these things. The technology has to be at the same level – and in all areas.”

According to Morbidelli, the technology of the bikes has clearly trumped the level of the tyres used in recent years.

Of course, Michelin MotoGP tyres are still outstanding race tyres, but they are not without their faults.

“There is this big point. It’s a problem! When it is very hot, they have a weakness – the performance drops and everything depends on the temperature and the pressure in the front tyre. When it’s cold, the tyres are good – actually great.”

The extreme heating of the tyres in summer temperatures makes drivers want to make up as many positions as possible at the start in order to get clean air.

“The riders provide the incidents. The problem is, you gain a position and you can hold it. With these tyres, every position is extremely important.”

“You have seen that everyone risks at the beginning to get that reward. Everyone starts with the aim of gaining so many positions. This dangerous situation has a lot to do with the front tyres.”

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