Massimo Rivola Wants Limitation - Aerodynamics Facing Its End?

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Aprilia’s Massimo Rivola wishes for clear action from MotoGP officials. The aerodynamical development has to be “slowed down as soon as possible”.

As things stand, Dorna does not want to rewrite the rules on aerodynamics development in MotoGP until the new regulations are introduced in 2027.

However, as the number of winglets and fairings has increased exponentially in the first weeks of the 2023 season, there is more and more resistance in the paddock to the often times cost-intensive developments.

Above all, it is Aprilia motorsport boss Massimo Rivola who has spoken out against the extreme development several times.

In the first short break of the season, the Italian continues to voice his concerns and demands immediate action from MotoGP officials.

He told “I like these MotoGP bikes. I even say I’m a fan of the winglets and the fins, even if I’m aware that we’ve overdone it. We need rules that put an end to this. We can’t wait until 2027.”

The Italian wants a change in the rules for the 2024 season. He also wants to see the extreme performance of today’s bikes limited and explains the riders are physically at the limit.

“We need to act immediately to reduce performance. The number of riders who have to have surgery on their right arm continues to increase. This illustrates that something is wrong.”

Arm pump is becoming a widespread disease among MotoGP riders, with more and more having surgery between race weekends to counteract the hardening of the forearm muscles.

“These bikes are too fast, they accelerate too quickly and they allow braking too hard,” the Aprilia executive criticizes, noting, “If you’re not a super athlete these days, you can’t ride these bikes.”

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