Massimo Rivola Is Looking For An Aprilia Main Sponsor - Red Bull Aprilia?

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Aprilia race director Massimo Rivola has worries despite the successes. He is looking for a main sponsor and has an idea for Red Bull.

Since their return to the premier class it’s been an open secret that Aprilia’s financial base has never been on par with their title rivals from Honda and Ducati. 

Main problem in that is the abscence of a main sponsor for the Noale based manufacturer. However, this may change for the 2023 season.

According to an interview of Massimo Rivola with, Aprilia is currently in search for a title sponsor for their MotoGP project. 

Aprilia was able to secure its first MotoGP win in this year’s Argentina Grand Prix – Image provided by Motorsport Images

Great results and the rocket-like ascend for the 2022 season have helped to put their name on the list of some widely known sponsors.

Rivola states: “I can report: Top sponsors are waking up and looking at us. That’s a good sign. I really hope we find one. If we want to remain competitive, we need the appropriate budgets.”

Even Red Bull seems to be a candidate. However, the Austrian company already sponsors the factory KTM team. For Rivola that is not a problem, he points to Formula 1.

“It would only be appropriate to consider whether the Red Bull Group can support a second top team, as it happens in Formula 1.”

Besides the official Red Bull Racing team, the Austrian company also sponsors Alphatauri in F1. 

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