Marc Marquez On 2023 Prototype - "I Would Like To Think This Was The First Step, But..."

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After last week’s Valencia test, the MotoGP superstars and their teams went into the winter break. Yet it seems there is still a lot of work to be done for Honda.

On the day of the test, several Honda riders expressed their displeasure with the changes – the front-runner among them was Honda superstar Marc Marquez.

Marquez on the 2023 Honda during the Valencia test – Image provided by Motorsport Images

“With this bike, we can’t fight for the championship”, the Spaniard told the media after the disappointing test day. “I would have liked to have more already, a bigger step.”

After what was a disappointing 2022 season, Marquez came to the Valencia test with great motivation. However, large portions of his hope were shattered even before the test. 

“They had already told me in Valencia before the test that they needed to make another step for Malaysia”, admitted the Spaniard.

Despite his contract running until the end of 2024, more and more rumors are surfacing that the eight-time World Champion is unhappy and could be looking for a more competitive package. 


However, during a test of a new fuel made purely from renewable resources, Marquez vehemently denied these rumors. Nonetheless, the Spaniard can’t hide his unhappiness with the early 2023 bike. For him, not even the first step towards an improvement for 2023 is done.

“I would like to think this was the first step, but… [pause] The direction is very similar to the one we have right now.”



The Honda Superstar insists: “We need more engine power, more stability on the brakes – we need several things Honda is working on. We gained a little bit on Tuesday, but [that is] not enough.”

He adds a rather desperate sounding: “I told them I don’t care if they put the rear wheel on the front and vice versa. I just want a bike that is better or that is at the level to be able to win.”


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