Marc Marquez Narrows Down 2024 Plans Amid Honda Dilemma

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Marc Marquez has outlined three distinct plans for his future in MotoGP, with none of them involving his absence from the 2024 MotoGP season.

The recent MotoGP test in Misano, following the race weekend, was anticipated to be a pivotal moment for both Marc Marquez and Honda.

Marquez took the 2024 prototype for a spin, with high hopes that it would finally bring the sought-after improvements.

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Unfortunately, these improvements failed to materialize, prompting a frustrated Marquez to observe, “The problems are still the same,” during a media session.

In the same gathering, Marquez revealed that he intends to make a decision regarding a potential departure from the Honda team in the upcoming weeks, as the season concludes.

He has three plans in mind, labeled as Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C, and he is determined to carefully assess which one aligns best with his goals. However, Marquez refrained from divulging specific details about these plans.

Plan D: Retirement from MotoGP

One clear option is to remain with Honda, as he holds a valid contract with them until the end of 2024. Another feasible alternative could be a transition to Gresini Racing, which has been a subject of numerous recent rumors, some of which have even suggested that the deal is already finalized.

As for the third option, the prospect of retiring from MotoGP did cross Marquez’s mind. Nonetheless, he emphatically stated during a sponsorship event in Madrid on Tuesday, “That would be Plan D. No, I’m not contemplating it because I remain highly motivated.”

“I have a strong desire, feel that I’m performing at a high level, and am in excellent physical condition. When I was physically struggling, I considered it because I was enduring immense suffering.”

“I had lost the joy of riding a motorcycle. Presently, I believe I’m operating at a high level. Admittedly, the results are lacking, but I’m relishing my passion for motorcycle racing.”

Marquez firmly ruled out taking a sabbatical, similar to Spain’s other motorsport star, Fernando Alonso, who did so in 2019 and 2020, asserting that such breaks are typically not effective in the world of motorcycle racing.

He emphasized that he has multiple plans in mind and has not established a specific order for them, stating, “I have my plans A, B, and C. Or C, B, and A. There’s no particular sequence.”

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