Marc Marquez Gives Honda An Ultimatum - 'I Want A Winning Project'

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Ever since the 2020 season Honda has been struggling to find decent performance in MotoGP – Now, multiple world champion Marc Marquez gives Honda an ultimatum.

After having finally been given the ok from the doctors to intensify his training and ride motorcycles, a Marc Marquez comeback at Honda seems imminent. 

There are still doubts in the air surrounding the time of the Spaniard’s comeback, however, being able to builld up muscle in the affected shoulder is a big step forwards.

According to Alberto Puig it’d be “very important” to have Marquez available at the Misano tests. Wether the MotoGP superstar can attend the crucial testing is a matter of his fitness. 

The Austrian Grand Prix was Marquez’s first taste of the Honda pits since his shoulder surgery. The Spaniard seems to have noticed the tricky situation in which the Japanese racing team finds itself.

Marc Marquez in a media briefing at the Austrian GP – Image provided by Motorsport Images

In an interview for DAZN, Marquez warns of the consequences of rash decisions: “Honda is not lost but it is at a time when it would be very easy to panic.”

“When you join a company like Honda at a time like this, sudden decisions are made that you may regret. Fortunately, there is no one the team that doesn’t know that.”

Regarding the work of the team at the Austrian Grand Prix, Marquez does not mince his words and gives Honda an ultimatum:

“I ask for a change in the way of working. Information and excellent ideas are being lost, simply because of the tone in which they are said.”

Although not really specified in all detail, this gives an interesting look into the work ethics of Honda nonetheless. And according to Marquez it is hindering the process of bringing the team back to where it belongs. 

Honda and Marquez have been the dominant force until 2019 – Image provided by Motorsport Images

But the Spaniard goes even further and, although probably not intended, mentions that his contract with the Japanese manufacturer expires after the 2024 season. A little hint, he could be thinking of something new should Honda not be willed to change much?

“I give Honda a margin for the duration of my contract. It’s the brand of my dreams, they’ve always respected me and I’m grateful for it. But as long as I run I want a winning project.”

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