Marc Marquez Evaluates The Kalex Chassis - "Not The Solution"

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In Le Mans, Honda uses the new Kalex chassis for the first time. After the race, Marc Marquez evaluates the possibilities of the new frame.

For months on end, Honda has been lagging behind in MotoGP. In November last year, they made a serious decision and, as the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, commissioned Kalex, an out-of-house manufacturer, to produce a new MotoGP chassis.

After the Japanese had built several variants themselves, none of which brought the hoped-for success, they are now relying on the expertise of the German engineers at Kalex.

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Last weekend, the Moto2 supplier brought the long-awaited MotoGP chassis to the French Grand Prix in Le Mans.

Marc Marquez is sure the new frame is “a small difference and a small help.” However, the Spaniard does not believe that it solves all the problems Honda faces.

“It’s not the solution. [Joan] Mir was using the chassis, he is a world champion, and you saw he was struggling, he was in the back, and he crashed again.”

"We Need To Change Something"

Marquez continues to insist that Honda needs to do more to get their bike to a rideable level. All Honda riders have to go to the limit too much to fight for the podium or even a points finish.

While that is possible as far as it goes, the French Grand Prix showed once again that Honda riders have to play with risk.

Even Marquez was hit by the Honda’s unpredictable behavior. Jorge Martin had overtaken the six-time MotoGP world champion. In an attempt to catch up with his Pramac rival, the Spaniard once again lost the front and sent his Honda into the gravel.

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“We need to change something for the future, to be more competitive, to be more safe, because every year, the Honda riders are in the top ranking of crashes. It’s not only me. Mir crashed 4 or 5 times in Jerez, now here again 3 times. So we need to keep working with the team to improve.”

“I crashed in Turn 7, but the crash started in Turn 6. Because I had a massive shake in Turn 6, because the bike was shaking a lot there in all accelerations.”

Marquez believes he no longer needs to analyze the Honda’s problems, “because it’s always the same problems” they face.

“I’m constantly asking for new items, and asking to improve the weak points, but it’s not in my hands. What I will do is work hard these next three weeks to be in shape for Mugello.”

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