Manuel Peccino Reveals There Are Teamorder-like Clauses Placed In Many MotoGP Contracts

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For MotoGP team orders have always been a very controversial topic. Whenever suspicious events occur, the whole MotoGP world is in turmoil. However, according to Manuel Peccino, team orders are often already implemented in the riders’ contracts.

In an interview with the Youtube Channel Motogepeando (see video below), Peccino reveals what many fans had expected but never had there been “evidence” the teams’ rider situation were contractually set.


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Peccino states: “In our factory contract, there is specific clause in this regard, which is very clear.”

He specifies: “The rider has to be willing to follow the orders of the team, the director, so that the brand can achieve the best final result in the championship. All other riders competing with the same brand will be given similar indications.”

Peccino even mentions an example he himself lived through in first person as he was working for that specific but unmentioned team. 

“There was a clause that said to the second rider of the team: «If you get to the wheel of the number one rider, you overtake him and are faster than him, you’re okay. But if he overtakes you back, from there you have to stay there».”

For him knowing clauses like that exist, events during races can’t be seen the way they were before. 

With these things that we are explaining, you can read races in a different way. If you know the contracts, there are many things that could not be understood. These are team orders.”

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