Lucio Cecchinello Reveals A Possible Alex Rins Comeback Date

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After his heavy crash in Mugello Alex Rins is still waiting for his MotoGP comeback. At Silverstone, the Spaniard will be missing again.

Every MotoGP fan should know that a tibia and fibula fracture is not to be trifled with. Nevertheless, there was especially for fans of LCR Honda rider Alex Rins a quiet hope the Spaniard could be back on the MotoGP grid for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone after the summer break. Team boss Lucio Cecchinello, however, puts a stop to those wishes.

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As things stand, Rins would be happy to make his MotoGP comeback at the Austrian Grand Prix on August 20. “Alex Rins will not be racing at Silverstone,” Cecchinello confirmed to

Cecchinello also does not know an exact comeback date. The current situation is still uncertain, he said. “His recovery is progressing very well. But I don’t know when he will be able to race again and when he will be back.”

It is quite possible that the only Honda race winner of the last two years could be out for up to three months, similar to Pol Espargaro.

Not taken a step yet

Rins was allowed to return home to Andorra five days after the second operation in Madrid. The fateful crash at Mugello had happened in the Sprint Race on June 10, when Rins crashed heavily after a promising third place on.

An initial operation was performed that same evening at the Careggi Clinic in Florence. This involved the application of an external fixator.

Two days later, the LCR Honda rider was declared fit for transport and, in severe pain, was flown to Madrid, where he underwent a second operation on his leg at the Ruber Clinic the following Thursday. Doctors removed the external fixator and stabilized the fractures with plates and screws.

At present, it is only possible to speculate about an exact comeback date. According to Cecchinello, his LCR Honda protégé may not put weight on the broken leg for the first time until the first week of August.

“He will then be allowed to take his first steps since the accident. If he feels good, he will return at Spielberg on August 20 or at Barcelona on September 3. We don’t know for sure yet.”

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