lin jarvis on how winning the title changed fabio quartararo's Approach

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When Fabio Quartararo won the 2021 Riders’ Championship his still-young career in MotoGP peaked. Lin Jarvis explains how the Frenchman’s approach to racing changed that year.

For Fabio Quartararo, the 2022 MotoGP season did not end as the Frenchman had imagined. Although he was on a good path throughout the year, in the end, his performance simply wasn’t enough to beat Francesco Bagnaia on a superior Ducati. 

Fabio Quartararo and Lin Jarvis – Image provided by Motorsport Images

But despite the small defeat last season, his team boss Lin Jarvis is full of compliments. The Englishman sees his protégé as one of the great riders of modern MotoGP. In an exclusive interview with, Jarvis states:

“That’s sometimes bravado, skill, lightning reaction times, understanding of the bike… There are many, many, many different elements and [Quartararo] definitely has those.”

Quartararo was the only Yamaha rider last season to push the Japanese bike close to its limit. Not only his teammate Franco Morbidelli was able to cope with the Yamaha on the track, all three riders of the satellite team could not use the full potential of their bike. 

For Lin Jarvis, however, it is not only performance on the track that matters, but also behavior off the track. Here, too, the Yamaha team boss assigns a special role to Fabio Quartararo. 

“I would say Fabio’s great on the bike. And also off the bike. Off the bike, we must not forget. Some riders have the ability to get a group around them to gel, and to work together as a team, and to make things happen.”

“And definitely Fabio has that. He’s great with his crew and his team. They have a lot of confidence in each other.”

Interestingly, the Frenchman has long been considered a bit of a bitch in the garage when the Yamaha doesn’t work as well as hoped. This changed in Quartararo’s championship season, according to Jarvis.

“I think [the 2021] title gave him a personal peace of mind to have achieved his goal, a certain confidence, certain maturity,” Jarvis said. Since then, the Frenchman is a calmer, more rational person. 

“He still has that, because any racer has that anger and frustration if you don’t get your performance, but you can then compartmentalize that.”

“You can express it but then park it and get on with the job. And that’s a great skill that he has as well. Definitely, I would say in the last 18 months, he’s matured as a person.”


Since signing his contract in the middle of the season, Yamaha has been working hard to keep the Frenchman happy. Various new engineers and a completely renewed engine development department are the results. 

With the increased efforts in development, Jarvis hopes to be able to intervene more strongly in the fight for the championship as early as 2023. By 2024 at the latest, Yamaha will have to deal with the extension of the contract with top star Quartararo. 

Jarvis is already thinking ahead: “I hope he will stay with Yamaha for many years because I believe he has the potential to be world champion multiple times.

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