Lin Jarvis Explains various Reasons Behind Yamaha Downfall

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For weeks many are wondering why Yamaha only been able to take one podium place. Lin Jarvis explains the reasons behind the team’s problems.

The Yamaha MotoGP factory team rejoiced in two double wins by Fabio Quartararo and Maverick Viñales in the 2020 Corona season at Jerez.

However, three years later, Fabio Quartararo barely made the top ten in any session on the 2023 YZR-M1 at the Circuito de Jerez. He remained without points in the sprint and barely managed to finish tenth in Sunday’s race.

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The 2021 World Champion, summed up the situation at Le Mans: “We lost the advantages of the Yamaha and the other manufacturers had improved more than us.”

The M1 cannot be kept on the line, the once superior cornering speed no longer appears. In an interview with Managing Director Lin Jarvis tries to explain the reasons for Yamaha’s problems: 

“There are many things to analyze. But we have had some problems with the engines over the last few years. They started in the summer of 2020 when we had identical valve types produced by two different manufacturers. But only the specification of the old manufacturer was homologated. That proved to be a burden for us in 2020.”

“For 2021, we didn’t make much progress with the technical specification of the engine, but at least we were able to solve the valve problems and bring back some reliability,” Jarvis added.

“Then came the 2022 season and, like all factories, we had every intention of upgrading our engine and taking a step forward with the modified power unit.”

“However, there were then concerns about stability before the season. So we decided to not necessarily use the same engine as in 2021, but play it safe and use the ‘no risk solution’.”

“It became obvious that we needed to improve the ‘engine performance’. In my opinion, the engine is not our problem this year.”

“We are more or less in a competitive range with the engine. But by concentrating fully on the engine, we haven’t spent enough time improving the chassis and aerodynamics.”

“We are currently seeing the progress our competitors have made in these areas. So we have solved one problem, but we have fallen behind in other areas.”

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