Less Stress On Friday - Next MotoGP Format Change On The Way?

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Since the introduction of sprint races, MotoGP riders and teams have been under more pressure than ever on Fridays. That is about to change.

With the start of the season, MotoGP teams and riders began to complain about the new weekend format.

The sprints are the least of the problems. With the elimination of one practice session and the packed Saturdays, the teams hardly have any time left to test setups and the like.

Since the new format is still more or less in a test phase after its abrupt introduction, Dorna CEO announced at the start of the season in Portimao: 

“If we see that there are meaningful ideas for improvements to the new format, we will act very quickly.”

So far, the promises have been kept. When the riders complained that they had no time for a proper lunch on Saturday because of the interviews between qualifying and sprinting, Dorna reacted and canceled the interviews without further ado.

KTM Motorsport Director Pit Beirer has now expressed a further wish for change. He would like to make the first practice session of each race weekend independent of the entry into Q2.

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With the increased number of returnees, it would be very dangerous if the MotoGP riders had to qualify for Q2 with their first laps after weeks.

“Our riders often have to chase times in the first practice lap on Friday morning after a three or five-week break. And often on a track they haven’t driven a lap on for a year. Also, with the current Friday system, unlike in the past, we can never test new parts.”

Format Change After The Summer Break?

Already at this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix, the demands are to be discussed with the manufacturers, teams and Dorna.

There is even talk of implementing the idea at the British Grand Prix after the summer break. The current Practice 1 session would become Free Practice 1 again and the pre-qualification for qualifying would only be decided in the second session in the afternoon.

In the first session of the weekend, the teams could then test parts, make setup adjustments and the riders could get used to the track and the bike.

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