Kazhakstan Grand Prix Replacement: Aragon And Brno On The list

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After canceling the Kazakhstan Grand Prix at the Sokol Circuit, MotoGP was looking for a replacement. However, both Aragon and Brno declined.

Following the cancellation of the Kazakhstan Grand Prix at the Sokol Circuit earlier this year, MotoGP officials at Dorna looked around for a possible replacement venue.

Both the Aragon and Brno circuit operators were approached about a replacement event, however, both were turned down.

Since the circuit in Kazakhstan was not ready for homologation until the Grand Prix in Jerez and Dorna did not want to wait any longer, they looked around for replacement partners.

Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezepelta explains: “We considered Brno and Arag√≥n.”

However, since Brno no longer has Grade A homologation from the FIM and no politician in Aragon wanted to provide any financial resources due to the elections on May 28, they canceled the Grand Prix altogether.

For 2024, the track operators in Kazakhstan are still in negotiations with Dorna. If the Sokol Circuit is homologated by August 31, 2023, the track will be part of the race calendar in 2024.

The requested work could be completed within two weeks, primarily involving partial re-asphalting of the 4.495km circuit, which has been plagued by frost heave.

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