Jonas Folger Explains The Purpose of kTM's Shakedown Test

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Jonas Folger is back on a MotoGP bike as a test rider for KTM for the first time since 2019. The German explains the purpose of the shakedown test in Sepang.

For the first time in four years, ex-MotoGP rider Jonas Folger returned to Malaysia. The 29-year-old officially joined the KTM test team last week to support the Austrians at the MotoGP shakedown test in Sepang.

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For the German, the first day of the three-day test was all about getting used to the speeds and forces of the MotoGP rockets.

“Of course, you can’t expect too much after such a long time since my last MotoGP tests. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that many laps today because we did primarily installation laps.”

Folger explains the contents of the shakedown test to “We did various function tests and saw if the bikes work for the regular riders.”

As this is just the shakedown test, paying attention to lap times would be inefficient in developing new modifications for the upcoming season.

“It’s a pure test, I haven’t set myself anything. We are preparing the bikes for the IRTA test next weekend for the Red Bull KTM factory riders Jack and Brad.”

“Whether I’m a second faster or slower, that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that certain things are sorted out and that we riders are in agreement and there is clarity. The rest is secondary.”


While the five-time race winner only completed twelve timed laps on Sunday, Folger is hoping for more on Monday and Tuesday.

“On Monday and Tuesday, I will get to ride more. I’m sure I’ll be able to go a bit faster then,” Folger jokes.

He is looking forward to further cooperation with the KTM test team. The test team now includes Dani Pedrosa, Mika Kallio and Jonas Folger, three former MotoGP riders. 

“We all work together, so with Dani Pedrosa, also Mika Kallio is here.”

“The bottom line is that everyone does their job and there is a little small talk at the end of the day. But we almost always agree and that’s a good sign.”

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