Is Andrea Dovizioso A Candidate For The FIM Steward panel?

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For Andrea Dovizioso the future after his MotoGP career is still in the open. With him being free for other activities, is the Italian a candidate for the FIM Steward Panel?

Andrea Dovizioso will close the MotoGP chapter at the end of the 2022 season after one last boring experience with Yamaha. 

He was hoping for a more versatile bike when he decided to turn his back on Aprilia last summer after a series of private tests to sign with Lin Jarvis and Razlan Razali. 

He will try until the end to approach another riding style. About his future, the Italian is still undecisive. Dovizioso wants to pick up Motocross on a more serious level.

Dovizioso will wave goodbye to MotoGP at the end of the season – Image provided by Motorsport Images

Now, several interviews by other riders suggest him for a seat in the FIM Steward Panel. With 20 years of experience across several classes, the 36 year-old would be an ideal choice. 

The FIM Steward Panel is more and more under criticism after some questionable decisions across the first half of the season. 

Ever since Freddie Spencer took over as leader of the Steward panel in 2019, the panel’s reputation is increasingly suffering. 

Several riders have suggested taking up retired riders into the panel to bring them and the current riders closer together – Andrea Dovizioso would be an ideal option. 

However, in an interview with, the Italian states he is “not ready yet”. “In the past, i was asked several times whether I want to do that in the future. At the moment not – later, we will see.”

For the near future Dovizioso wants to pursue his passion for motocross, perhaps with some racing at national level, and focus on youth development.

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