Aleix Espargaro Would "Ban Rear Ride Height Devices Tomorrow" If He Could

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With this year’s RS-GP, Aprilia made a big step towards the front of the field. Especially the Rear Ride Height Device helps the Noale based manufactrurer a lot in stabilizing the bike. However, Aleix Espargaro would still ban them tomorrow. 

Back in Assen, Aleix Espargaro fought his way back into the Top 4 after a race defining incident with championship leader Fabio Quartararo. The Frenchman had tried to overtake Espargaro heading into Turn 5 but lost the front on the inside line. 

Espargaro was lucky being able to escape the gravel trap and continue the race. He finished the race an astonishing fourth.

Could have been a much worser weekend for Aleix – Image provided by Motorsport Images

At the current phase of the championship, it seems that the Aprilia is the most consistent bike. Aleix Espargaro gets on well with the RS-GP on almost every race track, but recently missed just a bit of luck. 

The package currently includes the Rear Ride Height Device. The Aprilias of Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Vinales both have an automatic and a manual device. 

Espargaro: “I’m preferring the manual. Our automatic system is superb, but it’s smarter than me. It starts working as soon as the pressure on the forks starts to fade. But for me that’s too early.”

The Rear Ride Height Device play a key role in making the bikes get out of the corner more stable controling wheelies during the acceleration phase. However, they can lead to very dangerous situations. 

At the German Grand Prix, the Ride Height Device on Vinales’ RS-GP completely collapsed, making it impossible for the Spaniard to complete the remainder of the race.

Talking about Vinales’ incident, Espargaro states: “I would ban the Rear Ride Height Device tomorrow. Even if ours would be the best. If I could decide that, I would ban it.”

“Without the devices, it would equal for everybody. We’d have more overtaking because we would make more mistakes at corner exit.”

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