How Marc Márquez Wants To Better Assess Risk On The Track - "Then It Will Be Time To Go Home

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Since his big crash in Jerez 2020, Marc Márquez has been struggling with an arm injury. The Spaniard wants to assess risks more carefully in the future.

After another necessary operation during the 2022 season, the future in MotoGP looks brighter again for Marc Márquez. 

In the weeks after his recovery phase, the Spaniard has already shown fantastic races and proved that the battered arm is back to 100%. 

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For the first time since 2020, the nine-time world champion will start a season 100% fit again.

But Márquez knows that riding like he did before his injury will not work for long. A big part of that is assessing the risk he takes on track.

Since his entry into MotoGP, the Honda superstar has been regarded as a rider who repeatedly probed the limits of the bike with crashes in practice and races but also pushed them over the limit.

However, as the performance of his bike declined, the 59-time MotoGP race winner took more and more risks.

In fact, Márquez often times went way over the limit, so much so that his small crashes over the front of his bike developed into more and more aggressive falls, e.g. his massive high sider in Indonesia in early 2022.

Something has to change for Márquez in the 2023 season. The risk in the last few months was too high, another serious injury would hardly be manageable for the 29-year-old’s already battered body.

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In an interview with GQ, the Spaniard explains: “It’s something I’ve worked hard at because it’s hard for me to see the risk, and that’s sometimes a strong point and sometimes a weak point.”

He has already taken a first step: “I have learned that I do not have to risk in the way of facing a recovery, but I will continue to risk the same on the track.”

In order to find the right balance, the Repsol Honda garage is now relying on constantly reminding their superstar of the risks in certain corners. 

“One of the mental exercises I do when I go to train is to measure risk. The guy who accompanies me always has to say: ‘Marc, be careful here’, or ‘Marc, watch out there’.”

But Márquez is already warning against completely neglecting any risk. Without risk, it would “be time to go home. I will always take that risk because the day I stop doing it I will start to slow down.”

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