Here's Where Joan Mir wants to improve for his first year with repsol honda

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After Suzuki announced its departure from MotoGP, Alex Rins and Joan Mir were left without a seat for 2023 for a long time. In the end, both ended up with Honda. 

For Repsol Honda rookie Joan Mir, the 2022 season was one of the most difficult in his still relatively short MotoGP career.

Joan Mir in his last race for Suzuki – Image provided by Motorsport Images

After the turmoil in the team due to its early departure from MotoGP, Mir, on top of that, suffered a moderate foot injury in the second half of the season.

The season of the Spaniard became a farce. Especially, Suzuki’s departure was hard on the 25-year-old.

“For me, it was not a happy day. We will never work together again as a team, that made me sad,” Mir said after the season finale in Valencia.

The 2020 World Champion noted that it had not bothered him in the middle of the season, but towards the end, it had affected him “more than expected”.

“During the season I could deal with the thought well, but at the end it was difficult. But that’s how it is in motorsport and we have to deal with it professionally.” For the young Spaniard, it is now a matter of redirecting his focus to his work in the Honda factory team.

Joan Mir during his first outing on the Honda – Image provided by Motorsport Images

The Japanese manufacturer has been caught in a downward spiral of injured superstars and lack of development work in recent years – with the arrival of Joan Mir and a recovering Marc Marquez, the rudder should now be turned around.

Mir knows that there are now different problems to solve than at Suzuki. “I will have other problems to deal with next year. There are always problems, so I have to learn from this year.”

Despite a rather disappointing 18th place in the first tests in Valencia, Mir remains calm. “When I feel the pressure in the World Championship fight and know that I have to give everything, then I grow beyond myself.”

The Spaniard seems to know exactly what needs to be worked on before the start of the new season. Mir wants to avoid the mistake of letting himself get dragged down towards the end of the season, as he did in 2022.

“When difficult moments come and the motivation becomes less, then I go down a bit more than I should. I have to learn from that for next year.”

However, Mir couldn’t have chosen a worse time to jump on the Repsol Honda. The Japanese have massive problems with the concept of the bike.

According to statements by their superstar Marquez, there is still a lot of work to be done for the team, which is spoilt for success, during the winter break.


After the recurring injury phases, Marquez only wants a bike with which he can compete for the world championship title.

However, a functioning concept would be an even greater help to Joan Mir in order to familiarise himself with the Honda right from the start. 


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