Here's How Many Engines Each MotoGP Rider Has Used So Far

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The 2023 season isn’t even halfway done but some riders find themselves with reliability issues and were forced to change their engines.

Across a MotoGP season, each rider has a pool of usually seven engines available. For the extra-long 2023 season, however, teams are allowed to fit an eighth power unit without being penalised.

However, the extra power unit may only be used from the 19th Grand Prix in Qatar. If one of the 22 riders does not make it through the entire season with the available amount of engines, they will be handed severe penalties.

Optionally, the driver concerned will either start from the pit lane or have to serve a ride-through penalty during the race. It is important to note that engines used by a substitute rider count toward the regular rider’s quota.

So although Pol Espargaro has only taken part in one practice session in 2023, four of his engines have already been used, one of which has been withdrawn by the team.

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