Here's For Which MotoGP Rider The 2022 Season Was "Like An Injury"

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After a disappointing rookie year in the MotoGP class, Raul Fernández is eager to bounce back and make a strong impression this time around.

Fernández excelled in his rookie season in Moto2, with eight wins and a third-place overall. However, he was unable to maintain that form when he stepped up to the MotoGP class.

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This year, he is joining forces with Miguel Oliveira on the satellite Aprilia RS-GP of the Cryptodata RNF Racing Team.

The young Spaniard knows he will be compared to his teammate, who has already scored five victories in the premier class.

In an interview with, Fernández explained the importance of having a good test before the start of the season.

He believes that a strong test will raise his self-confidence and help him overcome the challenges he faced in his rookie year.

The 22-year-old knows that even having a rough year in the premier class is an issue for the next season.

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“It’s a bit like after an injury – you need time to recover from it. It’s important to have a good test before the start of the season.”

“Because that raises my self-confidence. And that’s the most important thing in the upcoming test in Sepang.”

After an incredibly disappointing season on the inferior Tech3 KTM, Fernández hopes for a better 2023 season.

Fernández is banking on the newly introduced sprint races. The young Spaniard actually supports the Dorna innovations.

“I think the Dorna innovations are good, it’s an important step but at the same time I think it’s overdone.”

Fernández thinks there will be surprises in the sprint races at the beginning of the season, as many mistakes will be made.

“Every lap will be like the last. Until you understand the system a little bit, it will be very entertaining,” Fernández predicts.

“I think it will be a challenge, especially mentally. Physically you can prepare for the many races, but mentally there is no break. You have to think twice as hard about the points now.”

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