Gigi Dall'Igna Reveals (Unofficial) Marquez Ducati Decision

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During the Japanese Grand Prix, Ducati manager Gigi Dall’igna hints at a Marquez-Ducati decision, Bagnaia jokes around in the press conference.

Following a race marked by interruptions at the Mobility Resort Motegi, Marc Márquez achieved a podium finish for the first time since Phillip Island 2022.

Despite challenging conditions, the six-time MotoGP champion secured third place, bringing pride to Honda at their home circuit.

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However, Márquez suggested that such results, along with the positive trend at the Indian GP, would not influence his decision on a possible Honda exit at the end of the season. He subtly stated, “That was a very romantic podium.”

During the press conference, Pecco Bagnaia humorously exclaimed, “Bye-bye, Honda.” Marc Márquez, momentarily puzzled, asked, “No, why?”

Bagnaia quickly clarified his remark was in jest, comparing it to Valentino Rossi’s departure from Yamaha: “Like Valentino’s kiss…”

These remarks about Márquez and Ducati garnered attention from observers at the Japanese GP. Italian journalists from Sky Sport queried Gigi Dall’Igna about the potential switch of the eight-time world champion to Gresini Racing.

Ducati Corse’s General Manager, speaking to Antonio Boselli, expressed, “If he strongly wants to ride a Ducati, it can only make us happy.”

He added, “He decided to leave Honda to jump onto a non-official Ducati. This emphasizes even more that he wants our motorcycle.”

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However, Dall’Igna later clarified that no official decision had been made yet: “It’s all still to be defined; nothing is official. I’ve only commented on Marc’s statements about our motorcycle.”

He continued, “I believe there are still many things to do. I think the contract would be difficult to dissolve – assuming he wants to dissolve it.

However, these seem to be the statements he made, and they certainly make us happy,” reaffirmed the Ducati Team Manager.

Addressing concerns about potential unrest within the Ducati family due to Márquez’s arrival, Dall’Igna responded, “We are still focused on this championship. We have many races left, so our focus is on this championship season.”

He revisited the question, saying, “Certainly, there are concerns that he could potentially disrupt the balance that currently exists in all Ducati teams. If that happens, it will be part of the game. It’s up to us to manage it.”

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