Francesco Bagnaia Dismisses Blame For Austin Crash - "I'm Angry"

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Francesco Bagnaia looks visibly upset after his crash in Texas. However, he dismisses the blame for the crash and turns his attention to his team.

At first, everything looked like a dominant weekend for World Champion Francesco Bagnaia in Austin. The Italian had won the sprint and in the feature race, he took the lead right from the start.

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Everything was going according to plan for Francesco Bagnaia until he put his Ducati into the gravel on lap seven.

After his crash in Argentina, the title favorite loses another 25 points due to an almost inexplicable fall.

Although Bagnaia remains in second place in the overall standings behind fellow VR46 Academy rider Marco Bezzecchi, he had imagined a different start to the season.

The guesswork about the reason for his crash last weekend doesn’t improve the situation.

“I don’t know what happened,” said a stunned Bagnaia. “I did 80 or 100 laps this weekend. When I had everything under control in the race, I crashed.”

The Ducati star knows that the crash was avoidable, as it was in Argentina. However, he is not angry with himself. The Italian refuses to accept the blame.

“I am angry – but not at myself. Because I am convinced that it was not my fault. In Argentina, I was at the limit, for sure.”

“Something happened here. I’m not talking about a cold tire, grains or wind – we need to understand what the bike did.”

Unexplainable crashes

He said that if the unexplainable crashes on the Desmosedici GP23 cannot be reduced, even the best-performing bike on the grid won’t do the team any good.

“It’s true, our bike is the best on the grid. But it’s meaningless if I crash and don’t know why.”

The World Champion seems worried and recalls his messed-up start to last season. He wishes for a bike that is easier to understand.

“I would prefer to be a tenth of a second slower and to understand everything better.

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