First Signal? - Marc Marquez Dumps Honda's 2024 MotoGP Prototype

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Amidst Honda-exit rumors circling, MotoGP superstar Marc Márquez has no intention of developing the 2024 Honda prototype.

Despite his strong performance at the Indian GP, MotoGP superstar Marc Márquez has no intention of further developing the prototype for next year.

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During the MotoGP sprint in India on Saturday, Marc Márquez celebrated his first podium finish since Portimão in 2023.

In the Grand Prix on Sunday, the Spaniard ran off the track in turn 1 with his Honda RC213V but managed to salvage a 9th-place finish.

Although the Indian GP provided a glimmer of hope for the eight-time world champion, he expressed afterward, “I had a bit more fun, but I still don’t feel comfortable on the bike.”

I’m fast, and I know how to ride the Honda, but it’s not coming easy to me because I’m not in my comfort zone. I still can’t rely on my natural instincts.”

The 30-year-old did not regret his crash. Instead, he elucidated why he was determined to follow Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati), who was in 3rd place at the time: “To follow Bagnaia, I had to take a bit more risk.”

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“But it was the day to take that extra risk because in my current situation, it doesn’t matter if I finish 5th or 9th. I wanted to push the extra mile and try to get on the podium.

During the mid-September Misano test, Márquez tested the 2024 prototype for the first time, but it failed to excite him.

When asked if he would continue working on next year’s motorcycle, the 85-time GP winner offered a clear response:

“I’m riding the ’23 bike because, as I said during the Misano test, I don’t feel comfortable on the ’24 prototype, so I don’t see the need to continue testing it.”

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