Fabio Quartararo Thinks Yamaha Engine "Still Far Away" From 2023 Goal

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Fabio Quartararo is hopeful for the new season. However, he sees the Yamaha engine “still far away” from the stated goals.

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For several years, Fabio Quartararo has been asking his team for a more powerful engine. For 2023, this wish seems to have come true, at least in part. 

At the preseason tests in Sepang and Portimao the Yamaha convinced with more top speed. However, Quartararo still sees some potential for the Japanese power unit.

The Frenchman is happy about making “a step forward”, but warns not to let up with the work now.

“Engine is the thing that I’ve asked [for]. We made a step forward, still not enough, but they worked hard, and I think if they keep going they can improve it.”

Yamaha Is "Not Ready For The First Race"

However, all that work on the engine could cost Yamaha dearly. Although having also worked massively on other areas, there have been no real improvements felt by Quartararo.

The 2021 World Champion warned after the preseason test in Portimao that Yamaha was “definitely not ready for the first race”.

But that was not enough, the Frenchman added on Thursday: “We are still far away from what we have to have in the bike,” he complains about the current state of development.

Especially in comparison with the many Ducatis on the grid, he sees Yamaha at a disadvantage.

“We are still missing compared to Ducati, because the last day all the Ducatis were in the top eight.”

Of course, the 23-year-old knows that in the highly developed MotoGP, it’s all about details. “I think everyone is on the limit and it’s all about details. We have to take steps during the year.”

Quartararo had already noticed this last year. Compared to other manufacturers, Yamaha’s development is virtually at a standstill during the season.

The Frenchman sees this as the sticking point for a successful 2023 season. “This is the weak point we have, I think.”

“As soon as we start a season we have no evolution to the end. I think this year if we want to be at the top, we have to bring evolutions over the season.”

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